Pure Digital Technology

Pure digital technology is the state-of-the art technology for modern eyewear. This type of lens design represents the highest optical quality and the most advanced technology on the market today. Lenses produced with this technology are phenomenal products, with complete personalization.

Technology Revolution


Conventional Progressive Lens

Static designs

Conventional technology progressive lens are made using a blank where the progressive design is located on the front side. The distance single vision power is cut on the back side of the lens to provide lens with the required power. This method has limited options and severe limitations.


Digital Progressive Lens

Active Designs

Digital technology is only available using digital surfacing equipment. Progressives lenses made of this technology are characterized by having the progressive design surfaced on the back side using a simple spherical curve on the front side. The progressive surface is calculated using a Lens Design System (LDS) that gives a more robust progressive using the most modern calculation.


Pure Digital Progressive Lens

Dynamic Designs

Pure digital technology is the most advanced employment of digital surfacing technology. The important difference is based on an advanced three-dimensional calculation model that takes into account the real position of the lens and the natural movement of the human eye. The result of this innovative calculation method is a completely personalized product that provides the wearer with superior accuracy, power and comfort.